Aspire BDC Coils (5 pack)

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Product Description

This is a five pack of Aspire BDC replacement coils. They are perfect for use with Aspire BDC clearomizers. Their durable construction and superb versatility will meet demands of the most sophisticated users. The individual replacement coils are compatible with any tanks that use the bottom dual coils. These are much better though and so you will get a better performance compared with what you were getting before. Each coil should last for about 3-4 weeks depending on the level of use, which is longer than the original coils lasted but there is no loss of flavor in order to get this better performance. This means that they can be good value for money. The coils work with most of the Aspire models apart from the Aspire Nautilus or Aspire Nautilus Mini, so make sure that you check that they are compatible with your model before you buy.  


These coils Fit:

  • Aspire CE5
  • Aspire CE5-S
  • Aspire ET-S
  • Aspire Mini Nova / Nova-S
  • Aspire Vivi Nova / Nova-S
  • Aspire K-1 Glassomizer
  • Anyvape Davide Tank - Aspire Version
  • Anyvape Mini Davide Tank - Aspire Version